Friday, August 19, 2016

More Oskar Quotes

Do those freckles make you itch a lot?

Oskar to Ivy:  I love you but you need to get out!

Oskar:  I need a day reminder.
Jamie:  What do you mean?
Oskar:  Something that tells me what day it is.
Jamie:  Oh, like a calendar?
Oskar:  It needs to be a glass screen with a calendar in the screen.  There's an arrow on it and the arrow stops on the day it is.  Then I read the day, then I know the day.
Jamie:  What do you do on the different days?
Oskar:  On Monday I play basketball.  On Friday I'm doing construction working.
Jamie:  What about the other days?
Oskar :  On the other days I'm just working on my computer.

Jamie:  Is that dirt or freckles on your cheeks?
Oskar:  I don't like freckles!
Jamie:  What about mine?  I'm covered in them.
Oskar:  I'm only interested GIRLS wearing freckles.

Oskar:  My idea hasn't worked.
Jamie:  What's your idea?
Oskar:  Keep my eyes open [while sleeping], but I still appear in my bad picture dream.
Jamie:  Oskar, you're hilarious.
Oskar:  Mom!  I'm SCARED of my bad picture dream!

*whispers* If you do what I want you'll be happy.

The Mona Lisa is the thing that will tell you which way to go in the wilderness.

Ivy Ruth, you present so many problems to your parents.

March forth to the temple of light.

(Referring to my tie-dye shirt) Mom, you have a shirt with the beautiful sky on it.

I like that weird hair on you.

Wouldn't it be a handsome name if we named our next boy Bad Guy Brinkerhoff Ackerman?

(Joel was carrying him to the car) Sometimes I don't like to walk *deep breath*, my voice smells tired.

You're going to feel foolish about that!


Ruth McKimson said...

I just love Kid Quotes. So so fun! My favorite: "If you do what I want, you'll be happy!" Hilarious!

Maren B said...

Oskar is pretty much my favorite person alive. And I picture him with a satanic little lisp as he tells you to follow him to happiness.