Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Months Old

I wrote out a whole long thing along with this post and it got lost somehow.  Frustrating.  So here it goes again.

Oskar is 5 months old today!  He's a very happy baby that smiles and babbles a lot.  I love it.  He's so much fun!  Today is his first night sleeping in his crib that is located in another room than mine.  It's a step for me and fairly anxious about it.  We'll see how it goes.

We've had trouble figuring out a good sleeping situation for him since we've moved to California.  What we've ended up doing is laying out our big jean blanket and putting his mattress on top of it with pillows on both sides.

However, the other night he somehow wiggled his way up the mattress and rolled off, hitting the back of his head on the floor.  He cried pretty hard but I picked him up immediately and he stopped.  I took him out to the living room to feed him and noticed that his pupils were dilated to different sizes.  I got VERY worried.  So I called the on-call pediatrician and she said to watch him throughout the day to make sure he's not throwing up or lethargic.  He wasn't.  He actually was very happy and smiley, probably because his parents were staring at him at 4:00 AM when he was supposed to be asleep. So Joel gave him a blessing and I kept a close eye on him throughout the day.  Later that day after I had fed him he threw up all his food.  This isn't too abnormal for him but under the circumstances I was again, VERY worried.  So I called Mom and Jared and ended up calling the pediatrician and talking to a different doctor, still not our regular guy.  She said the important thing is that his pupils are reacting to light, which they were, and that as long as he was happy and smiley he was probably fine.  She said I should stop checking his eyes throughout the day because it was just going to worry me and they were probably just naturally different sizes when they dilate.  Yeah right, lady, I thought.  I KNOW my baby.  I stare at him all day long.  I think I would notice if his pupils were different sizes.

Buut, if you look at the picture above which was taken a week before he hit his head, he pupils are in fact different sizes.  Oops.

Oskar loves to eat his hands.  It's especially funny when sometimes can't figure out the angle in which to shove them in his mouth and ends up just licking the backs of them.

Apparently it was too bright for him to be able to sleep comfortably.

This is my favorite way for him to fall asleep, on my chest.  So precious.
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ktb said...

You two are too cute! (and Joel too, of course.) :) Oh man, you are such a good mom! I can't wait to see you!! Eitehr I have to go to LA or we need to plan that weekend in San Diego soon after I get back!! Okay??

Maren B said...

Wow, 5 months old. That's crazy talk. Glad he didn't get a concussion and that I'm not the only mom who's baby has fallen off the bed.