Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and Furniture

Oskar takes after Joel in many ways.

Oskar has been sleeping in his crib during the night for the last week and has been doing so good. He sleeps really great and doesn't even wake up to eat in the middle of the night. So I usually go in there halfway through the night and wake him up to eat although usually he's not even fully awake. Then in the morning he wakes up but doesn't cry so I have no idea he's awake. I end up just going in his room when I wake up to check on him and find him wide awake, flipped over, and perpendicular to the crib. And as happy as can be. Silly baby.

Joel has been getting us great deals on used furniture since we moved into this apartment. Here is the bed frame that he found on Craigslist and below is the chaise lounge he also found on Craigslist. The hutch at the bottom he found on the side of the road. Now our apartment is almost completely furnished, we're just dealing with the fact that all our furniture and flooring is brown and blends somewhat into each other. I'm suffering from a lack of color that will hopefully be remedied soon.
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