Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Post

I wrote out a bunch of stuff to go along with the pictures in my last post but for some reason they didn't get posted.  The reason why Oskar loves California so much is because he can breathe better!  The doctors in the NICU mentioned this might happen and they were right.  Apparently the change in elevation  helps him breathe better because it's not nearly as fast.  And maybe as a result from that, or something else entirely, Oskar is also eating WAAY better.  Before we came he was throwing up nearly every day.  But since we've been here he hasn't even thrown up once AND he's eating consistently more than he used to.  He doesn't hate eating anymore!  It's so great.  I feel like he's already got another roll on his legs already.  The day we left we went to the pediatrician one last time, just for good measure, and found out he had an ear infection.  He's been on antibiotics since and is doing much better.  The only lasting issue is that he is congested and wakes up a lot at night or during naps because he can't breathe through his nose.  All in all Oskar is doing very well in California.

It's great to be in my own apartment again.  We have two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, and a kitchen all to ourselves.  I haven't actually been able to cook anything yet because the oven was leaking gas when we moved in and so they had to turn the gas off and we haven't had an oven since.  There have been little annoyances like that, like the cupboard doors falling off and the windows not opening, outlets not working, etc. but I'm just so thrilled to be in my own place again that I couldn't care less.  I'll take some pictures of the apartment as soon as we've moved in enough that it doesn't look like a complete mess.  The location is pretty good as well.  We're within walking distance to the church and there is a park pretty close to us, I think we could walk there.  We're actually just two blocks away from our old apartment.  So good job to Joel who came out here all by himself to find a place to satisfy me.  He did a great job.


Ruth McKimson said...

I'm so glad things are going well. Oskar must be feeling better if he's wanting to eat more. That's great. Feed the fat, Oskar!!!We'll be waiting to see the emerging rolls.

ktb said...

Yay!! Who knew Cali was so healthy?? :) Oskar is looking adorable! I miss you lots! Enjoy being back in CA and being the mamma of the house! Hope to talk to you soon!!

Oh, and tell Joel I watched Hollywood Ending (Woody Allen) last weekend and it reminded me of him the whole time. haha :)

Maren B said...

Yay, that's all wonderful! We're happy for you. Hopefully things continue to improve with Oskar.