Friday, September 14, 2012

After my rant last night I feel better today and realize things are going to be okay and I probably need to take a chill pill.  So here is the happy post after the crazy post.  Here is my baby who really is very sweet and precious (except his eating habits) who makes us laugh a lot.  His latest talent is clapping his hands which I'm sure means he's super smart.  He still doesn't have any teeth but I think at least one will be coming in soon.  He likes to sit on the couch facing the window that looks out on to a busy street and stare at all the cars going by.  He likes his highchair, perhaps too much, and scoots around like nobody's business.  His hair on top is growing longer and kind of sticks up so it makes the top of his head look even pointier than it already is.  He can now fit into 6 month clothing which I'm excited for because I've got a lot of cute outfits in store.  9 months is going to be a problem because I don't have hardly any clothes for him in that size.  He says ba and ma and makes random sounds a lot and screams occasionally.  He's precious and I love him and I feel bad for getting so frustrated with him.                                                      

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Ruth McKimson said...

Maybe he's not eating because his mouth hurts . . . teeth coming in. Could it be? Course, I guess he's never eaten great, but if there's been a change recently, maybe that's part of it. ???

Keri said...

Those are such cute pictures of him and show his spunky little personality.