Monday, September 3, 2012

Food, Costumes, and Sitting

Oskar is growing up and doing a pretty good job eating solid food.  I've introduced almost all the vegetables and he likes them I think.  Fruit he's not as fond of which doesn't make sense to any of us.  Luckily we have someone else in the house who will finish the fruit if Oskar doesn't.  We don't have a booster seat/high chair yet so this is why he's eating in his bouncy seat with a blanket on it.

I found this swimming suit recently on clearance and thought it would make a good costume AND a good swimsuit, his head won't even get burned.  (Not that it would, I keep him well out of the direct sun so don't judge me.)  And this picture just happened because he is so grabby and immediately picked up my book once I set him on the couch.  I thought it fitting though.  Batman would have done a lot of good in Airstrip One.

Yay, sitting in the bumbo.  Now I have two places I can put him when I'm not holding him.  Next on the list is a Johnny Jump Up and Exersaucer.

Going swimming.  


Ruth McKimson said...

Oskar's lookin' great!! He makes a great Batbaby. So cute!

Maren B said...