Wednesday, July 24, 2013

18 months

Since Oskar wasn't exactly eating food when he turned one we didn't get a chance to give him a dessert and let him go at it.  So when he turned 18 months last week we got him some strawberry shortcake.  This is his story.

No pictures please.


It got on his hand and he didn't like it so I tried to feed it to him.

He really didn't like it on his hand so he tried to wipe it on mine.

He thought maybe a fork would help him keep it off his hands.

He finally started digging in...after I accidentally spilled on all down his front.

He took a few bites and smeared the rest on his tray.

All done.  Didn't like it.

Yes, I'll take a bath.  Thank you.
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1 comment:

Kelsey said...

He TOTALLY looks like little boy JD McCoy in these pictures.

Also, maybe he would have liked something chocolately and gooey. Not fruity. ??