Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Times They Are a-Changin'

I've been brought to tears that last two times I've put Oskar to bed because I've felt that my baby is not going to be a baby for very much longer.  Even though he may be too old for this (or maybe not, I don't really know) I still give him a bottle and rock him to sleep at nap time and nighttime.  I get to hold him and cuddle him, sing him to sleep and just feel his weight in my arms and I've just felt like I should appreciate these times with him because they're not going to last much longer.  Even though his eating has been terribly frustrating and painful for both of us, I think it has kept him a baby longer.  He still takes a bottle twice a day and I still have to feed him a lot of his food, but he's getting better and things are changing.  While I'm so thankful and happy that he is getting better, when he is ready to do everything on his own I think it will make me a little sad ... mostly happy but a little bit sad.

This boy has eaten entire eggs multiple times this past week ... that he fed to HIMSELF (mostly)!  He also ate 1 1/2 pieces of bread and butter before his nap this morning.  This may not seem like a big deal BUT IT IS!  It's huge.  It has never happened before.  And the biggest part is after he ate one piece HE ASKED FOR MORE!  Huge, I tell you.

Our three week vacation to Utah will be interesting, I'm hoping he will still eat even with all the fun cousins and new furniture to climb on.

Aaaand a family picture.  Joel's brother took it for us and we'll get professional ones done in August (Joel won a photo session at an auction).
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Joel Ackerman said...

In the family picture Oskar is sick, and I am wearing the church shorts Kim altered for me. Maybe Jamie will post one of the wider pictures so you can see!

Ruth McKimson said...

Yes, I'd love to see those shorts again. I'll bet you're the envy of the Elder's Quorum.

Keri said...

That is so sweet Jamie. I've felt that way with all my babies before I have another one especially. And I still do have moments when I feel that way about all of them...that I need to cherish every moment because they grow so stinkin fast!

Maren B said...

I'm so glad Oskar is eating! It's so crazy after going through a really hard time to see that things really do/can change and suddenly be fine! It is hard to let go of a baby being a baby. The good thing is how fun they are as toddlers.