Thursday, July 25, 2013


Oskar was being too quiet so I went to check on him and found this.

His hair is so long when we comb it back it reminds me of  Christopher Walken or Billy Crystal.

The beach!  I LOVE swimming in the ocean and I wish we would go more often.  Oskar actually played with sand toys this time instead of running around chasing the birds the whole time, though he did dedicate a certain amount of time to that.  He played with his friends and kept wanting to go swimming in the waves.

My little precious

I made this!!!  It's a cheesecake and I made it and it was delicious.  I don't actually like cheesecake that much but Joel does and he said it was just like store bought.
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Kelsey said...

I hope that window is closed!!! I have nightmares almost every day of Landon climbing up on the windowsill, like he loves to do, in Joel and Carson's room and falling to his death.

And NICE JOB on the cheesecake. That sounds really good right about now...