Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Much More

The temperature in Lake Havasu was about 65 degrees at it's best. The low day was in the 50s. So on the warmer day we braved the lake and actually went swimming in it. As soon as we were done though we had to go to the heated pool and hot tub that we also had access to, to get warm. This picture was taken after we had gone swimming in both the lake and the hot tub and had taken showers (there were also showers available to us, it was pretty rough out there). Another interesting tidbit about both this picture and the entire trip was that everybody embraced the medium of the graphic novel...even me. I was the hardest to convert but when our friend Brent got us all Valentine's Day gifts, mine being a graphic novel of a non fiction Holocaust story told through father and son mouse family called Maus, I gave in. In this picture we are reading our comics.

Here is our little illegal campsite. Read further to hear the whole story of how we discovered it and what obnoxious group of people kept tramping through it.
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