Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We went to a campground that was a little pricey for us, probably because it was an old
people hangout for the winter, so we went to the cheaper "overflow" area. This mainly
consisted of a rocky parking lot. So we searched a bit farther and found this sandy beach
area down below the parking lot, slash ridge. We went down there to set up the first night
and didn't realize that it was an ATV sand course. Once we did find out we decided to
ignore the stupid ATVs and stay there anyway. We scared those gas guzzling, obnoxious sounding, little kid riding ATVs away and dominated the beach. So many pictures were taken either down at the beach or up on the rocky parking lot.

This dog is named Duke. Duke liked to come see us periodically. I did not like Duke.
Especially when he went into the cold water and then came up and shook off the water
on to me and my book. It make me very angry.

While the group was playing a game called "Zombies" I decided to go exploring.
I went and sat on a nice rock for a while and gazed out into the lake thinking deep thoughts.
Then I took a picture.

Here is Bigfoot. He resides in Arizona. Bigfoot had to stand there for a while until people
saw him...her...it?
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