Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More More

I was designated the Trip Mom so I thought I would embrace it. I feel like my own mother may have
worn this exact outfit at some point in her motherly life.

I wanted to make sure that we got to church so on Sunday morning we found out what time and
where it was. When we went to get dressed we realized that nobody brought any church clothes
except for Sarah and hers were more hippie loungwear than church clothes. Nevertheless I
distributed out her clothes among the girls and assured everyone that people may judge us
but it is better to go and be judged than to not go at all. So we went. This is what I looked like, minus
the sweatshirt and add a tie dye shirt. Also minus the recorder, that was just for my enjoyment.
So we went and were an hour and a half late because it happened to be stake conference. We did
not go in for the last half an hour because the concerned quizzical looks would have been too great for us to bear.
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